Email marketing can be an incredibly effective tool for B2B marketing, but campaigns need to be built with finesse and with a deep understanding of who you are marketing to and how your product or service is going to help them.

Woman working at computerI do a lot of research before I begin ANY type of email marketing campaign. Effective copywriters understand that 90 percent of the job consists of learning as much as you can about the company you’re writing for (e.g., reading current marketing/sales reports, slide decks, interviewing stakeholders) and just as much about the prospect (in the form of a persona).

Before I write a word it is important I have a good grasp of the project’s scope and who we will be targeting. You have my full attention from Day One through launch date—and beyond. I am not happy until you are delighted.

This is what I do: Help clients generate leads and revenue with well-planned and well-structured email marketing campaigns that sizzle. I offer a package that includes a landing page, white paper and email series.

I am eager to talk to you further about how I can help you promote your product or service creatively and with flair.

Please email or call anytime. I return calls promptly.


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